There are many ways to connect at PGUC.

One of the main ways, of course, is on Sundays at 9.30 am or 6.00pm. The worship is contemporary and uplifting and there is always time to connect over barrister madeĀ  coffee after the service. A children’s program also runs during the morning service during school terms.

If you have young children you might want to connect at our Playgroups which run on Monday and Wednesdays during school terms at 10am.

The youth hang out on Friday evenings, the men might be found at the local community club on a Tuesday night once a month, the women like to go for a walk and coffee on a Saturday morning monthly as well.

We also run a CAP money course. This award-winning, free, 3 session course will help you build a budget, manage your money and start to save. Use the contact page if you want more information. Further details available here.